In my consulting work I approach systems, organizations, and processes from the core value of life-positive designing. I identify and contribute to projects that enact wholehearted and inclusive design of caring structures, particularly those relating to health and thriving, environmental wellness, and conscious aging and dying. 


Academic Consulting

Design is a form of power that can stabilize and disrupt. Existing models of design education tend to inhibit breakthrough products, systems, services and programs while postponing vital futures. Design pedagogy is evolving to better respond to the complexity of our times. Emerging pedagogical and curricular models are tapping the potential of new kinds of platforms and programs that add richness and depth to our lived experience, while simultaneously expanding the role of design in creating narratives and models of vital, flourishing societies.


Organizational Consulting

Design Being is the embodied experience, and the choiceful production, of value. Can we translate real-time collective insight into the designed world we will gift to our children? For organizations seeking to be responsive to feedback from those who we serve, collective insight is as critical as strategy.




Lisa has been a close friend for 15 years. We share longstanding interests in the intersections of art & design and their potential for transformative change. China figured large in both of our lives and work from the very beginning of our relationship when I served as her guide to Chinese culture. Since then she has gone on to important and innovative work in China regarding sustainable economies, technology training, and design pedagogy. I continue to admire Lisa’s committed engagement beyond the classroom and her sustained application of theory and critical thinking to urgent planetary problems. Behind it all is a deeply generous spirit – a kinder person you’re not likely to meet – manifested in the lasting connections she makes across generations and cultures. She has my unreserved recommendation as a leader, collaborator, practitioner and thinker.
— David A. Parker, Art Advisor and Artist