Organizational Feel Tank: building affinity and difference

'It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.’

- Audre Lorde


How might we build capacity for trust and collaboration in difference? Because how we relate together determines what we deem useful, relevant and meaningful, transpersonal capacity is the foundation for truly transdisciplinary collaboration.

This lab explores meta-cognitive and embodied practices that develop expanded capacity to lead and collaborate across ideology and difference. Practices will include self inquiry and dialogue;  cultivation of trust within difference; and embracing conflict and divergence as creative fuel.

Awake, Mindful and Skillful in action. How we define and perform this is developmentally diverse. Self knowledge is the first step to empathic and inclusive ways of designing.

We are the system. As participant observers we are never standing outside the system. How many perspective we can take is developmentally diverse. and a marker of developmental complexity.

This means that user centered or inclusive design at the intersection of developmental theory has high leverage. Perspective seeking and taking are embodied forms of inclusion and empathy.