Collective Designing in the Anthropocene

Collective Designing in  the Anthropocene

Integral designing considers the varied perspectives, needs and values of the human species-stakeholders and gatekeepers alike. Integral designing is anticipatory of possible futures and precautionary of their impacts across time spans beyond individual human lives. Integral designing can serve transformative change by means of iterative modeling and prototyping of alternatives in key areas like health, education, and environment.

Envisioning Pure Land @Taiwan

Envisioning Pure Land @Taiwan

In the Chinese language, the word for heart and mind are one in the same. As the ultimate reality, the heart/mind is identified with benevolence and with the original substance common to people, heaven, earth and all things. The importance of true heart/mind vision cannot be overstated. In order to develop the curriculum we had to first design an interim change platform for individual and collective transformation. We had to collectively envision structures of transformation in order to allow the unknown to come into being through us.