Transformative design education ignites passion for personal development, lived as a practical design philosophy of conscious living questions. Appreciative inquiry dynamically complements critical thinking, inviting us to be ever more tolerant of -- even enlivened by -- complexity and contingency. Conscious design thinking cultivates right and left-brain synergies, problem-opportunity finding, values focus, and collaborative capacity.



Because every human being is a designer, the professional designer plays a crucial role in demonstrating the awesome possibility of life-positive designing. My teaching is focused on empowering designers at the intersections of design, craft and technology in today’s evolving milieu of hyper-objects and self-prototying. When designers access their power and internal commitment the result is conscious, compassionate and world-changing.



Lisa was an inspiring instructor and an invaluable advisor to me at SAIC. Her teaching practice was informed by an acute intelligence, a warm enthusiasm and the ability to empower students, expanding their capabilities and encouraging them towards higher thought. Lisa was a powerful and positive influence on not only my conceptual artistic pursuits but on my sensibilities as a whole and for that I am grateful.
— Pamela Foeckler, Natura Metallum