‘teaching is learning in public’ - Doug Silsbee

‘teaching is learning in public’ - Doug Silsbee



Uncertainment is a metamodern way of navigating the co-presence of knowing and not knowing, meaning and meaninglessness in human experience.


Uncertainty Lounge: practicing trust and vulnerability

Uncertainty is the new normal. Our turbulent times challenge us humans to develop resiliency in our creative activism, advocacy and choice making. Embodied self-leadership demands fluent adaptivity to the ever-more complex demands on our energy and awareness. Organizational change - whether on the level of self or collective - challenges us to shift from conventional modes of predicting and controlling, to emergent modes of sensing and responding. 

I created the Uncertainty Lounge as a space for building adaptive resiliency in the university. A gathering not for governance, or operations, but rather for practicing anti-fragility across divergent views in challenging, uncertain times. Through practices of individual and collective embodied action learning, Uncertainty Lounge provides a safe-to-fail context for exploring the self as an instrument of free yet responsible agency, and for risking the self identity. Practices include contemplative and movement-based self inquiry and dialogue.

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Uncertainment is the practice of care, trust and restoration across divergent views. An explicit vulnerability space to ‘play’ with power dynamics using theater, dialogue and other expressive modes to engage healthy conflict in service of innovation. A viewpoint diverse space dedicated to building resiliency and practicing trust in times of uncertainty. 

Trust building practices may be the most challenging to our conventional ways of working together and personal comfort zones, and yet also have the potential to powerfully amplify individuals' experience of their own value and agency via widening circles of care.

Uncertainment is the practice of community building, organizational learning, collective choice making that move beyond weak consensus to embrace divergence and conflict as creative fuel.

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