Unmanage Ability: adaptive ways of navigating complexity


Unmanage Ability: adaptive ways of navigating complexity

Why do we get in our own way, revisiting the same vexing organizational dilemmas over and over again? We humans tend to bring technical solutions to adaptive challenges, like Wile E. Coyote we continue to repeat frustrating patterns and defensive coping routines. These 20th c. survival modes of matrix organizations are out of phase with new power and the automated future of work.

Based on the assumption that our recurring types of organizational challenges call for new approaches such as loop learning, this pilot project explores metamodern ways of improving our fittedness for the changing higher ed landscape and our collective ability to enact our values.

Organizational Learning: As designers we are learning that partial individuals are incapable of designing whole systems. A complex whole system approach includes ourselves in the system. In framing the ‘self’ as a complex adaptive process, mentoring is an autopoietic process by, with, and for us.