cultivate your capacity for wise design action.

Emerging designers navigate the hopes and threats of the biotech and nanotech revolutions amidst the most significant decline of real wealth in several generations. They enter global markets of unprecedented insecurity, and they inherit a changing climate amidst a rise of tribal polarization. To confront the increasing complexity of our world and bring about conditions for a thriving future, the next generation of designers will need a much deeper foundation.

Given its ubiquity and pervasive distribution, design is situated in the gap between human capacity and the complex demands of our world. It was in this spirit that Raymond Loewy said, “Design is too important to be left to designers.” Current practices in design thinking are effective in solving superficial problems, but they are inadequate to the deeper dilemmas that humanity faces.

Capacity to build capacity. Human-centered design practices reflect a growing awareness that design involves more than thinking or doing. My forthcoming book, Design Being, describes a whole brain, whole-heart, whole-body integration for design professionals who dare to envision and to make that better world a reality. Design Being is about embodied practices for developmental capacity building such as anti-fragility and negative capability. My intention is that Design Being will inspire, equip, and amplify a conscious designing capable of closing the gaps between our challenges and our professional capacities. Bridging this gap between awareness and practice, Design Being is a sketch map to practicing to be whole human beings capable of designing for wholeness.

BEING conscious designing, you will:

Orient to the present moment

Understand why our design thinking is only as conscious we are.

Learn to dwell in uncertainty, tension, ambiguity and paradox.

Serve in the gap between our challenges and our professional norms.

Grok the latent potential of design as loving, effective altruism.

Let go of the illusion of control.

Self-author your unique heart-centered design practice.

Move beyond weak consensus to collective decision making.

Discover the creative power hidden within conflict.

Facilitate the emergence of flourishing planetary futures.

Embrace shadow to integrate more of yourself.


Design Being


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