cultivate your capacity for wise design action.

Design professionals are deeply aware of the transformative humanizing potential of design, yet let’s face it, we are flummoxed when it comes to translating that power into palpable positive benefits at scales that meaningfully impact our disorienting global dilemmas. How might designerly care and efficacy infuse the deep structures that inform our every interaction, affordance and choice?

Design thinking is a whole-brain approach to creativity and innovation via design. My forthcoming book, Design Being, describes a whole brain, whole-heart, whole-body integration for design professionals who dare to envision and to make that better world a reality. My intention is that Design Being will inspire, equip, and amplify a conscious designing capable of closing the gaps between our challenges and our professions.

BEING conscious designing, you will:

Understand why our design thinking is only as conscious we are.

Dare to envision and design a vital, flourishing world.

Self-author your unique heart-centered design vocation.

Develop the capacity to consciously embody the needs of our future.

Serve in the gap between our challenges and our professional norms.

Engage conscious, collaborative and entrepreneurial networks.

Design products, systems, structures and services that care for life.

Make a difference via design.


Design Being


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